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As part of our first birthday celebrations, we are offering the Boxing Science readers the opportunity to improve knowledge, understanding and the ability to build their own diet plan.

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Boxing Science Competition

World class nutrition strategies and mind blowing results available to you, for FREE, by entering this competition. The competition is open to anyone and is an insight into the scientific processes that we use at Boxing Science.

Lee will spend two 45 min sessions with you (online or phone) taking you through the cutting edge programmes he uses with boxers, combat athletes and professional footballers.

You’ll discover the power of food as he tailors your pre, during and post training nutrition. He’ll also let you into his scientific approach to making weight and the supplements he uses that have been proven to work time and time again in scientific studies.

Case Studies

David Fidler


Lee has been working with light-middleweight contender David Fidler for the past two years, working with him with both his fitness and nutrition support.

Their biggest achievement was when they worked together prior to Fidler’s central area title fight in April 2015. Originally weighing 87 kg, Lee’s training and diet programs helped David weigh in at a lean 69 kg.

A tailored diet plan made sure that David lost mainly body fat – reducing percentage from 16% to 7.4%. This meant muscle mass was maintained so he was big and strong at the weight.

“Lee’s strength coaching and nutritional expertise worked magnificent for me; I became stronger and more confident. Without Lee’s help, time and dedication I wouldn’t have become central area champion”

Sam Sheedy

Sam Sheedy Weigh InSam Sheedy always looks ripped on the scales, but he looked bigger than ever before his recent English Title fight.

This was mainly a result of well structured resistance training, however required some smart acute nutritional strategies to be dominant at the weigh in.

Lee helped Sam in the final weeks of his preparations, including weight manipulation and rehydrating strategies for a safe and effective process.

Nicolie Campbell

Nicolie Progress

Lee’s consultancy with super-middleweight professional boxer Nicolie Campbell is somewhat a working progress, but we have already achieved some great results so far.

An extended period between fights and a family holiday resulted in an excessive weight gain. This meant that Nicolie needed to lose 20 kg in 16 weeks before his next fight. With 3 weeks to go, we are now only 3 kg off target. A reduction in body fat and the maintenance of skeletal muscle mass contributed to some impressive mid-camp test results show that Nicolie is faster and stronger than ever – improving pound for pound jump height and medicine ball punch distance by 7%.

We do not advise this large variation in body mass, however we have shown safe and deliberate practice to help Nicolie reduce body mass and improve performance simultaneously.

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If you’re a coach, parent or guardian of young athletes Lee will answer your questions about how food can benefit lifestyle, training and physical development.

This competition is open to anyone, anywhere in the world and is a truly unique insight into the scientific approach that underpins our work.

The competition winner will be announced on Friday 9th October 2015. One entry per person.

Good Luck!

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The Boxing Science team.

Enter our FREE prize draw competition to win £200 worth of on-line 1-2-1 support from our performance nutritionist Lee Rickards.

Enter here by completing our short survey… it takes just 2 minutes! >>>