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Ever felt flat in training? Drained to make weight? Not seeing the progression you hoped for?

With tireless hours spent in the gym, gruelling runs out on the roads, and intense pressure when stepping in the ring, not many people will argue against Boxing being the toughest sport in the world.

You want to make this better. You want to feel great, enjoy training and achieve results.

Take a second and imagine you’re the ultimate boxer. A boxer who has everything. All the physical attributes that makes a champion. Movement, strength, stability, balance and fitness.

You have the knockout strength when you want it. The movement to dance around your opponent how you like. And the fitness to keep popping punches at will for 12 rounds without tiring.

We can help you!

You don’t have to imagine this anymore. These qualities are not fixed. You are not given them at birth. You can train them.

And in this ebook we’ll show you how to develop these qualities to become the boxer you dream about.

Are you ready to start your transformation into an elite athlete?


Here is the chance to enhance your performance with our new program ‘Train Like A Champion’, the blueprint to elite performance.

Boxing Science is brought to your doorstep, so YOU can train like the 100’s of boxers we have helped get fitter, faster and stronger.

The Boxing Science method has been delivered to all ages and abilities, from junior amateurs to world-level boxers such as Kell Brook and Kid Galahad.

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Train Like a Champion is structured by our scientific research, and has produced improvements in lower body strength, hand speed, movement / mobility, body composition and high-intensity fitness.

Here’s your chance to get your hands on the blueprint to elite performance.

The Program

The 10-week program comes with 4 handbooks to cover every aspect of your day to day training.

This is not only an instructional guide on what to do, we explain the science behind boxing, how to perform exercises with over 200 visual demonstrations and help with planning your day to day activities.

  • Introduction Manual
    • How to plan your training
    • Self-assessment tool for fitness, strength and speed.
    • Guide to setting effective goals
    • How to monitor training and wellness.
  • Conditioning Handbook
    • Science behind the fighter’s engine
    • World-class running tips and advice
    • 10-week high-intensity running program designed to get you in the best shape of your career.
    • Running monitoring tool to optimise performance and avoid injury / illness
  • Strength Handbook
    • Science behind the punch
    • Building the foundations for a stronger future
    • 10-week S&C training program designed for you to feel stronger, move better and hit harder.
    • Monitoring tool to ensure overload and progression


  • Movement Handbook
    • Benefits of movement training
    • Common movement issues for Boxers
    • 10-week mobility program you can do ANYWHERE!
    • Self-assessment tool to see how you have progressed
  • Nutrition Handbook
    • Train, Make Weight, Refuel, Perform!
    • Everything you need to know for macro-nutrients: Why? What? When? and How Much?
    • Tips on what to eat before and after  weigh-in
    • General diet plans for boxers at 3 different weight categories.
  • Added Benefits
    • Access to ‘Accelerated Performance Series’, 10-week learning program for sport science in boxing
    • Access to our Boxing Science Training Group on Facebook where you can engage and learn from our Boxing Science network. This includes the Boxing Science experts and other athletes on our training programs.

How can I be involved?

Train Like A Champion will be launched in late September. We will be having a pre-launch event, where we will be offering 20% discount to our loyal Boxing Science customers.

Click here to sign up to the Pre-Launch and receive a 20% discount code.

Boxing Science is the world’s first website dedicated to sport science research and application in Boxing. We will be providing articles and research in Boxing over various sport science disciplines, including strength and conditioning, physiology, psychology, nutrition and much more.