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Do you want to transform your life? Do you dream of becoming world champion?

Do you want to train like a world class athlete?

What about if we told you there is a World Class strength and conditioning program ON YOUR DOORSTEP!?

Boxing Science have trained a range of boxers, from junior amateurs to world champions at Sheffield Hallam University. Now we are giving YOU the chance to take part and achieve the fitness goals you have always dreamed about.

Our large group strength and conditioning sessions are an affordable, fun and effective way to get fitter, faster and stronger to get an edge over your opponents.

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What Do Our Training Clusters Involve?

Each session will focus on the physical qualities a boxer/combat athlete need to be successful. Strength, speed, movement, high-intensity fitness and endurance.

All sessions start with a warm-up that focuses on mobilising and activating muscles to reduce tightness and muscular imbalances.

Our weight training works on developing strength, speed and movement patterns. All our programs are structured from scientific evidence to help you become more explosive, and punch harder.

We finish each session with our high-intensity conditioning on the curve. We use various sprint and conditioning protocols on the non-motorised treadmill that has helped improve aerobic capacity by 10-20%.

The boxers have a love-hate relationship with the curve…. here may be the reason

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Put your fitness to the test

In the program, you will also take part in the Boxing Science fitness testingThis allows us to individualise your program to work on the areas for improvement, and develop your strengths, into super strengths! Testing also allows you to set goals, and evaluate your progress on the program.

Detailed analysis and monitoring

We monitor wellness, running speeds and weight loads to build a profile of your program. This helps us analyse how you are progressing, as well as supporting reactive programming,  helping you to achieve optimal results whilst reducing the likelihood of injury and avoiding over training.

Who is this ideal for?

  • Youth, Junior and Senior Amateur Boxers
  • Professional Boxers
  • Combat Athletes
  • Motivated and dedicated athletes willing to work hard to achieve their goals

Time, Location, Cost

Our sessions take place at Sheffield Hallam University Collegiate Campus, which is just off Ecclesall Road. We have access to a functional weights room, sport science laboratories, and an environmental chamber, making us one of the best training facilities in the area.  Click here to find us.

Our normal programs are 2 sessions per week, lasting 10 weeks. Alternative arrangements can be discussed.

The 10-week program is valued at £220, however this will cost you just £120!!!

That’s only £12 per week to be part of a world-class program.

You can allocate yourselves 2 sessions per week:

  • Tuesday Morning – 7 am – 8.30 am.
  • Thursday Morning –  7am – 8.30 am
  • Thursday Evening – 6.30pm – 8.00 pm

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