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Sport Science Workshop Bundle


Learn the SCIENCE Behind BOXING

A range of video workshops explaining the science behind our training methods, physiology, nutrition and much more.



When we founded Boxing Science there was a limited amount of information about the physical factors that contribute to performance, and when we found this information, it was scattered across the internet (and to some extent it still is).

The first question we asked was ‘what makes an elite boxer from a physical perspective?’; we know skill, technique and psychological characteristics make up a big part of elite performance, but as sport scientists we wanted to know how we could compliment boxing training through strength and conditioning.

So, we did our research:

  • We collected as much published scientific literature on boxing and combat sports as we could find
  • We used scientific principles to distil this information
  • We developed a way of working and training process
  • We implemented strength and conditioning based on our training process
  • And we’ve tested, evaluated, tweaked and optimised our approach over the past 8 years.

Our Sport Science Workshop Bundle contains all the information you need to know about the Boxing Science training process including:

The Science Behind Boxing

Dr Alan Ruddock presents the fundamental scientific principles that guide our approach to training

Conditioning: Central Adaptations

Danny Wilson and Dr Alan Ruddock share the first phase of our approach to implementing high-intensity interval training and developing a boxers fitness.

Planning and Programming for Boxing

Danny Wilson shares the essentials of how to structure a boxers training plan to optimise adaptation and performance.

Hydration for Boxing

We guide you through the basics of hydration which is a key factor in supporting high-performance athletes

Supplements for Boxing

Nutritionist Lee Rickards shares our essential guide to what supplements work and what don’t to avoid the minefield of misinformation on the web.

The Sport Science Workshop Bundle contains all the essential information you need so you don’t have to trawl the internet looking for it.

This bundle is ideal for anyone working with boxers or combat athletes or who has aspirations to work in this area because it will provide you with multiple years’ worth of scientific research in an easy, understandable and actionable format.

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