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1-1 Online HOME Strength and Conditioning Programme


£160.00 £80.00

Are You Continuing Your Training During Lockdown?

The Bodyweight workouts not cutting it for you? Or are you wanting more structure and guidance for your current training?

Do you want to optimise your programme with the time and facilities you have access to?

We can help you with a bespoke service that will adapt around your own personal situation and equipment that’s available for you.

This will keep your training ON TRACK and keep working towards your goals!


We have adapted our services to suit the current situation, so we can help guide you through this difficult time and get you fitter, faster and stronger ready for action once the sporting season restarts!


This is so you can access your supporting workshops and content! Including the exercise library.




The perfect way to get RESULTS is to have a programme suited to YOU!

Everything from exercise selection, managing training loads and tapering for specific competitions…. Boxing Science have it covered in our bespoke online programming service.

This is ideal for professional and amateur boxers, MMA and combat athletes…. or for coaches wanting to implement S&C with one of their athletes.

STEP 1 – Pay for the 1-1 service below

STEP 2 – Download your 1-1 Programme + Testing Guide, making sure you fill in the Google form provided on Page 2!

STEP 3 – Our S&C Danny Wilson will be in contact in the next 1-2 days, then will be sending you your programme shortly.



Danny Wilson BSc, MSc, ASCC

Hi everyone, welcome to Boxing Science. I am an accredited S&C coach and co-founder of Boxing Science. I’ve provided sport science consultancy to world champions, professionals, amateurs and England Boxing.

My remote programming will help you have the Boxing Science experience in your own training environment. I will tailor the programme to your individual needs to unlock your potential, support you when you need to adapt the programme and taper down effectively for competition so you can peak for optimal physical performance.

Hope to hear from you soon


You will receive online support from Danny Wilson – Co-founder of Boxing Science and S&C coach to professional and amateur boxers. Here are the key features of this remote coaching service;

  • 6-Week Sport Science Programme – Including S&C, Movement + Running Conditioning adapted to your current training situation
  • Video of your FULL workout sent to you 
  • Movement Assessment and Movement Guide
  • Excel Monitoring Methods 
  • TESTING SHEET – With Instructions AND Testing Profile
  • Whatsapp Communication (drop-in sessions x 2 per week)