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1 Year Train Like A Champion Membership

£190.00 / year

The Blueprint to Elite Performance

Instant access to World Recognised Train Like A Champion Programs

Access to our Online Membership with Exercise Library and Video Workshops

FREE Brand New Boxing Science Performance T-Shirt

FREE Boxing Science Mini-Bands – x 5 Band Set

  • Train Like a Champion - 1 YEAR MEMBERSHIP

    £190.00 / year
  • Boxing Science Performance T-Shirt

    Power Up Your Workouts with Boxing Science Performance T-Shirt

    You can now get your hands on one of our performance t-shirts, ideal for training and representing Boxing Science in your workouts.

  • Boxing Science Training Bands


    Improve Strength, Speed and Mobility with The Boxing science Training Bands Range

    Boxing Science training bands range can help you gain every % out of your training sessions, whether you train at a world-class facility or do most of your workouts at home.

    These bands can help increase muscular activation, challenge stability, improve mobility and elicit gains in strength, speed and power.

    Our Training Band range includes our hugely popular Boxing Science Mini-Bands, a set of 5 high-quality mini-bands that can be used for mobility and strength workouts.

    Our world-class athletes use these during mobility routines, strength workouts, core circuits and even during their pre-fight warm-up.

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Sign up to our One Year Train Like A Champion Membership packed with FREE Boxing Science training products and massive savings

Committing to our One Year membership will not only give you access to our world class training methods to get you Fitter, Faster and Stronger…. but also offers massive savings!

You will gain instant access to our full range of TLAC programs … these programmes have the total value of £550…. Giving you a over 70% discount!

Plus you will receive our pack of Boxing Science Performance T-Shirt and Pack of mini-bands for FREE



What You Will Receive?

This package will give you everything you need to take your training to the next level!

Our 4 x 10-week sport science programmes will guide you to fitter, faster, stronger YOU

Gain an in-depth understanding to training with our Coaching Workshops and Exercise Video Library

Mini-Bands to use for your warm-ups and FIRE UP your performance


Why Take Part in the TLAC Membership?

At Boxing Science – our sport science training methods have helped improve top athletes by a massive 15% across the board. We’ve also seen higher improvements in upcoming amateur athletes and aspiring professional fighters.

What are your current goals? Will becoming fitter, faster and stronger help you achieve this?

What about your coaching development? Can the application of S&C help improve your athletes performance?


Boxing Science’s world recognised ‘Train Like A Champion’ programme can take the guesswork away and guide you to elite performance.

Here is what’s included in the Train Like A Champion Membership;

  • Access all of our Train Like A Champion programmes, covering your physical training for the year
  • Nutrition guides and meal plans
  • Youth Training Programme – 36 weeks of training
  • Circuit training posters to display in your gym
  • PLUS – All the features of the Boxing Science Membership

Membership will be £190 every 12 months, there is no contract, therefore can cancel at anytime.

The BRAND NEW Boxing Science performance T-shirts are comfortable, well fitted short sleeve t-shirts perfect for training AND coaching.

The shirt is constructed of dry fabric that pulls sweat from the skin to the surface of the garment to keep you dry …. perfect for them hard spars and killer conditioning sessions.

The T-shirt is navy and consists of the brand new Boxing Science brand, representing that you’re following the blueprint to elite performance.

This is made of 100% polyester, and built to last the distance.


Mini-bands are a great tool for boxing, combat sports and any other style of training to help strengthen and activate key muscle groups. These are particularly good for the glute muscles and posterior shoulders… something most boxers need to activate during warm-ups and strengthen during their S&C workouts

These bands can help fire up your performance, strengthen key muscle groups and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Each set contains 5 x premium quality bands of increasing tension, making them suitable for a range of exercises and different strength levels. Natural latex material, 24 cm in length and 4 cm wide.

These are easily transported to be used ANYWHERE and at ANYTIME. Bands easily fit in a small carry bag provided, use them at home, in the boxing gym or in the weights room.

Want advice on how to use these? Check out this YouTube Video Below…