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A new recruit this year, Sultan Zaurbek came onto the Boxing Science program with a reputation of being an unforgiving puncher.

He lived up to this in his initial testing battery, scoring high on his landmine punch throw assessments and having notable spring in his lower body when jumping.

Sultan was a quick responder to our training methods and built on these existing qualities, recording significant improvements in his punch throw velocity at higher loads as well as reactive strength and lower body rate of force development.

Aside from his power, Sultan demonstrated impressive ring IQ and shot selection whilst sparring fellow Boxing Science athletes Jordan Gill and Hopey Price at the Dave Coldwell gym.

His rapid progress under Dave and in the Boxing Science performance centre culminated in an impressive stoppage win in his homeland of Kazakhstan in December of 2021, following a 10 week camp in Rotherham.

We are eager to get Sultan back on UK soil, and continue harnessing his physical potential ahead of his upcoming contests.