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Over the past 10 weeks, Boxing Science has been providing sport science and nutritional support to a team 275 miles away. 

Despite the long-distance, our program has still had a positive effect and produced some amazing results.

In the video, Marc Kerr and Shannon Lawson review their online training program and testing with Boxing Science at Sheffield Hallam University.

Fitter, Faster, Stronger!

Both Shannon and Marc have shown fantastic improvements in their strength, speed and fitness assessments.

Marc has reduced body fat by 3% and maintained muscle mass, evidencing that effective nutrition and training methods have helped him reduce his body mass to benefit performance.

His pound for pound jump height improved by a massive 12%, meaning that Marc is now stronger at a lighter weight. Shannon showed almost identical results in jump height… showing our programs are consistent with the results our athletes produce.

Gold Package

This transferred their punch, Marc improving predicted punching strength by 7% on his right, and a massive 17% on his left.

Shannon showed improvements across all punching loads, in particular at 20 kg where the bar velocity increased by 24% on her left.

Read more about our punch velocity testing

Heart rates during the lactate profile suggested that Shannon has improved her cardiorespiratory system, which helped her improve her peak running speed by 1 km/h on the 30-15 test.

Marc also improved his peak running speed, this will have been helped by a shift in his carbohydrate utilization during running. This has benefits on high-intensity conditioning.

Nutrition with Lee Rickards

Lee Rickards provided Marc, Shannon and Gary nutritional support over the 10 weeks. The support included diet plans to reduce body mass effectively, fuel up for sessions, improve recovery and refuel after weigh-in.

Lee provided individualized support, and guided them through social app Edufii and online video mentoring.

Want to train like Marc, Gary and Shannon?

The group took part in our Gold Online Program, where they received world class analysis that supported their individualized strength, running and mobility programs that they completed back in Glasgow.

The group were supported by online video mentoring, this gave them guidance and advice on their program management, training and nutrition.

Gold Online Program

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