Who Are Boxing Science?

Boxing Science are a team of sport science experts from Sheffield Hallam University who created the world’s first website dedicated to sport science in Boxing. As expert sport scientists we apply principles from research and practice to develop world class boxers and coaches.

Our team of quality sport science practitioners are currently working within various levels of the Boxing World from world champions to amateur prospects. The multi-disciplinary approach of Boxing Science will include strength and conditioning, applied physiology, nutrition, psychology and injury prevention. Our detailed articles will provide you with the science behind Boxing, and give you ideas how you can apply science to your training or coaching. We will be reviewing current information available and our own research with the Boxers we work with.

Values of Boxing Science:

  • Our content is detailed, personable, high quality and backed by scientific evidence
  • Provide effective applied processes to integrate science in Boxing training.
  • Develop an interactive service that is open to the views of boxers, coaches, practitioners and general readers.


Here are our authors that make up the Boxing Science team. Click on the images to see what they are about

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Alan Ruddock

Co-founder. Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist, physiologist for sport performance at Sheffield Hallam University.