GB Boxing S&C Program

To celebrate the launch of the Boxing Science – Combat Conditioning Conference 2017, we are giving away the notes taken from the ‘Science Behind GB Boxing Workshop’ with Mark Campbell.

This is a snippet taken from our expert notepad, where Danny,  Alan and our intern Tommy Munday have taken notes on each workshop.

Originally planned to be an extra treat for conference participants, the handbook grew to over 50 pages and 12,000 words!!

The expert notepad breaks down over 14 hours of key talking points, our reflections and different workbook exercises.

The taster handbook includes……

  • Notes taken from Danny Wilson during the workshop
  • Review of the GB Boxing strength program
  • Alan’s notes on GB Boxing conditioning program
  • Road to Rio 2016 periodised program
  • Mark’s top tips and coaching philosophies

We also share our favourite reading sources, from academic literature and books that has helped develop us as practitioners.

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