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Are you a boxer wanting to treat yourself? Wanting some awesome products to help kickstart your training in 2017?

Or are you a friend of a boxer, who you’d rather buy a productive present rather than more selection boxes?

Well, we are providing our ‘Top 5 Stocking Fillers’ that are great training tools to help kickstart training camp in the new year.

Pulse Roll – The Vibrating Foam Roller

Pulse Roll is a vibrating foam roller that is the next generation of foam rolling. The athletes at Boxing Science use the four different settings to release tension in muscles to improve flexibility and reduce muscle soreness to help recovery.

This is particularly helps reduce hips, shoulders and lower back tightness, often a problem area for boxers and combat athletes.

Boxing Science readers have an exclusive offer of getting this unique product as the product comes with a FREE bag to make it easy to take to the gym.


Train Like A Champion

This is the product that everyone is talking about!

Boxing Science have put together scientifically supported methods S&C, High-intensity conditioning, Nutrition, Movement and Testing, making Train Like A Champion the most comprehensive program in world boxing.

Guaranteed results in strength, speed and fitness, you could not buy a better present this Christmas.

Active Bands

Mini-bands are now being used in warm-ups and as a physical tool by athletes across many different sports. There are quite a few on the market, and it is never clear which are the best to buy and have the best value.

The boxers at Boxing Science use Active Bands from Function Jigsaw. Just £11 per pack with five bands with progressive resistance. Our boxers like these as they are comfortable, and have a wide range of resistance levels in individual packs – meaning that the bands can be used for a range of activities.


Why we use mini-bands in boxing?

We use mini-bands for our boxers to warm-up and taper for competition, it’s a great way to get the hip muscles fired up and expressing force/speed in boxing specific movements.

Train Like A Champion – Coaching Videos


In Train Like A Champion, we share our coaching knowledge, wisdom and tricks to help you achieve optimal results in our “Train Like A Champion – Coaching Videos”

The 5-part video series includes step-by-step guidance on how to perform the key exercises of the program, as well as how to use your performance profiling and bluetooth heart rate monitors.

This is normally exclusive to the Train Like A Champion program, however for this Christmas we are making these available as an ideal stocking filler.

These videos are part of our program priced £100, however, you can get your hands on these videos for just £5.

Olympic Weightlifting Shoes

If you are wanting to get involved with our training programs, and are serious about getting strong, then you should consider purchasing some Olympic weightlifting shoes.

Our boxers are encouraged to buy some Olympic lifting shoes, and they feel the benefits soon as they start to use them. The solid platform that raises the heel helps improve stability and increase ground reaction force during lifts, as well as reducing ankle mobility issues on squat technique.

Prices range from £70-£120 and can be found on many different websites.


***BONUS GIFT*** —- Plyometrics for Boxing FOR FREE


You can now receive the Plyometrics for Boxing webinar for FREE. Strength and Conditioning coach Danny Wilson explains the benefits and practical applications when using plyometrics for boxers.

Plyometrics are used across a range of sports to help improve speed, agility and explosiveness. However, integrating them into an effective training system can be quite complex, especially in boxing.

This webinar will give you a detailed understanding on why we use plyometrics and how to apply them in your boxing training.

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